Sep 26, 2021  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Engagement

Office of the Dean of Students

Student Center 3020
Ryan Jasen Henne, Dean of Students
(707) 664-3078

Student Engagement provides access and resources for self-advocacy, leadership, cultivation, and transformative experiences to create a connected Sonoma State University community.

Campus Recreation

Recreation Center in Seawolf Plaza
(707) 664-4FUN

As a department of the Student Affairs Division and the Health and Wellbeing cluster, Campus Recreation provides diverse recreational programs and services that support the holistic development of students.  We are a living learning laboratory for the co-curricular experience, bridging campus engagement and student success.  Campus Recreation is committed to student growth, sustainable actions, and a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

Features and Programs includes:

  • A state of the art fitness center with equipment for strength and cardio workouts
  • In-Motion fitness classes in yoga, cycling, Zumba and more
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • An extensive list of intramural sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, flag football and more
  • An indoor climbing wall with certified instructors
  • The Low Ropes course for team building experiences
  • Outdoor trips to the wild places in California and surrounding states through Outdoor Pursuits
  • An Outdoor Resource Center that offers gear rental, bike rentals and a bike shop for basic repairs

Student membership is included in your student fees if you are a full time student (enrolled in 12 units). Faculty and staff membership can be purchased at the Recreation Center. Please visit our website for more information.

The HUB Cultural Center

Student Center 2nd Floor (by Associated Students)
(707) 664-4247

The HUB (Honoring. Uniting. Building.) cultivates an inclusive and equitable community and offers transformative cultural and educational programs that serve students’ learning and support their overall wellbeing.


We believe that all people should be treated with dignity and respect. Differences in race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, nationality, and other intersecting identities and communities should not prevent people from living healthy, meaningful lives.

All of our lives are precious and meaningful.

We honor and value diversity of people, worldviews, and ideas. It is critical that we learn how to engage and work with people whose cultural and political perspectives are different and even opposite from our own.


The HUB is a place where all are invited to explore what it means to be a part of an authentic community. We welcome you as a whole person to bring all the parts of you that you want to share: your identities, perspectives, bodies, emotions, questions, concerns, lineages, strengths, and shadows. As a radically inclusive center and community, or whole system, we do our best to connect, engage, and learn with you. We invite you to explore this with us.  

When the parts of ourselves and communities come together in authentic ways we are able to generate more power (energy) and experience greater vitality. And when we experience this vitality we increase our capacity to heal, evolve, and act.


We encourage students to help build a future that is more just, compassionate, and loving. Thoughtful social change is an ethical and spiritual necessity. We are aware that our world is afflicted by inequality, systems of discrimination, and ecological degradation, and so we enact change within ourselves and our communities. We envision a world where all people have equitable access to what we believe to be common resources: healthy food, clean water and environments, safe housing and community, viable livelihood, inspirational art, appropriate technologies and medicine, and relevant education. This is how we imagine social justice in a global context.

In the HUB we promote cultural expression and creativity because they are integral to well-being, social movements, and innovation.

Residential Education & Campus Housing (REACH)

(707) 664-2541

REACH  provides safe, convenient, suite and apartment-style housing options for more than 3,200 students in six unique villages.  All units are fully furnished and carpeted with their own living rooms and bathrooms; with apartment units containing fully equipped kitchens.  Full-time and student staff members, as well as a few professors live on campus to help deepen resident’s connection to their academics and overall college student life.

Student Conduct

Student Center 3020
(707) 664-3225

The Student Conduct office promotes a safe and secure campus environment for learning and growing by serving as the primary source of student conduct and academic integrity.

Student Involvement 

Student Center, Student Activities Office, 2nd Floor
(707) 664-4323

Student Involvement provides students with leadership opportunities, resources, challenges and support to create organic spaces of belonging and engagement. We also provide ways for students to engage in community, spirit and tradition through various social and educational programs and events.