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2023-2024 General Catalog 
2023-2024 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Access & Educational Equity

Schulz 1119
Erik Dickson, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Access & Success
(707) 664-4201

Advising & Transfer Center

Schulz 1125A
(707) 664-2730

The Advising & Transfer Center plays a key role in assisting students to thrive and persist toward on-time graduation. Our team of Professional Academic Advisors provide holistic, proactive, and meaningful academic advising and individualized educational pathways to engage students in their learning experiences and promote self-authorship. We also offer curricular and co-curricular transitions programming specifically for transfer students.

Disability Services for Students (DSS)

Schulz 1014A
(707) 664-2677 (voice)
Dial 711 For Relay
(707) 664-3330 (fax)

Providing Equal Access

Sonoma State University is committed to providing an inclusive environment, which is responsive to the needs of all students. To ensure this inclusion, appropriate accommodations are provided to students and prospective students who have self- identified with various disabilities and who require these accommodations in order to enjoy access to university programs, services, or activities for which the individual are otherwise qualified. Accommodations will not be provided if they fundamentally alter or impact the nature of the program, inappropriately impede access for others or cause a direct threat to the health and safety of the student with a disability or others. The university’s goal is to provide an equivalent academic experience and learning opportunity, but does not guarantee a student’s academic success.

Role of Disability Services for Students

The University has designated Disability Services for Students (DSS) as the office responsible for receiving, reviewing, and verifying disability documentation for students, authorizing and providing specialized support services, and assisting faculty, staff, and managers in providing equal access with reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities within a reasonable and timely manner.

Accommodation Services

DSS considers factors such as documentation from professionals specializing in the area of the student’s diagnosed disability, the student’s functional limitations, and the student’s input and accommodation history when determining appropriate accommodations. DSS works with the student and relevant faculty and staff through an interactive process designed to identify an accommodation that provides equal access, while also ensuring that the academic integrity of the University is maintained by requiring that all students complete the same requirements that have been determined to be essential to the program of instruction or directly related to any licensing requirement.

How to register for services

The Disability Services for Students office (DSS) welcomes Sonoma State University students who are interested in receiving accommodation services related to their disability. All SSU students seeking services through DSS are responsible for completing the following three steps before their academic accommodations are provided:

  • Complete the Student Intake Form
  • Provide Documentation of one’s disability
  • Schedule an “Intake Appointment”

The DSS office is committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities have equal access to the educational environment at Sonoma State University. Students are provided with the opportunity to have an interactive working relationship with DSS staff members in order to implement appropriate academic accommodations and services; and students are encouraged to take full advantage of the numerous campus-wide academic support services available to help themselves work to their highest potential.

Military & Veteran Resource Center (MAVRC)

CalVet Fee Waivers:
Seawolf Service Center (1st floor of Salazar Hall)
(707) 664-2389

DREAM Center

Schulz 1119
Rosa Salamanca, Coordinator
(707) 664-3541

The DREAM Center supports and advances the academic, personal, and professional development of undocumented students and allies by providing a safe, centralized space for services and resources.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Schulz 1119
(707) 664-2427

EOP provides access, academic support, and transitional services improving the retention of first-generation, historically low-income students.

PUERTA Centro for Diversity in Teaching

Schulz 1119
(707) 664-3567

PUERTO Centro’s purpose is to identify, foster, and support Latinx students’ interest and preparation to enter and succeed as K-12 teachers.

Seawolf Scholars

Schulz 1119
(707) 664-2571

Seawolf Scholars provides current and former foster youth with advocacy, academic support, community building, and access to resources leading to educational success.

Trio Student Support Services - Multilingual Achievers Program

Schulz 1119
(707) 664-2853

Student Support Services Multilingual Achievers Program provides multilingual students with individualized math and writing assistance along with specialized support in students’ scholarly and professional advancement.

Student Support Services - United for Success

Schulz 1119
(707) 664-2853

United for Success provides a comprehensive array of academic and personal support services to help students who are first generation, low-income, and/or have a disability reach their goal of graduating with a bachelor’s degree within six years.