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2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog 
2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog

Education with a Concentration in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (CTL), MA

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The Master of Arts in Education degree program in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning offers courses of graduate study to prepare candidates for specialized teaching and for curriculum and instructional leadership responsibilities in schools, government agencies, or corporate settings. The 33 unit program provides for areas of concentration in curriculum, teaching, and learning. Students must maintain a 3.00 grade point average in all coursework in the approved master’s degree program.

The Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning concentration provides flexibility in program development for a wide range of professional educators, government officials, and private sector employees. Candidates need not possess a teaching credential.

Required Curriculum

The required Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning area concentration courses are:

Potential Areas of Emphasis (AREM)

The remaining units are taken in an approved area of emphasis (AREM). The area of emphasis is comprised of 12 units that the students must complete as part of the Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Master of Arts program. The AREM is designed by the student and a Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning faculty advisor. Students may select courses from other education MA concentrations or courses in other University schools and departments. A field component may comprise part of the area of emphasis. The AREM must be approved by a faculty advisor before any AREM courses are taken.

Education Technology
STEM Education
Reading and Language
English as a Second Language
Critical Theory
Community Education

The total number of units in the Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Master of Arts Program is 33 units. All candidates must complete the required master’s degree core courses, and all AREM and program courses.

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Recommended Course Advising Pathway

By following the advising pathway below, students are assured that they will complete the required Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (CT&L) coursework and take the courses in the sequence required by the program. This pathway assumes that students will take TWO classes per semester. For changes to this pathway, students must see the CT&L advisor. Students may not take an AREM course without an approved AREM.

**Candidates MUST have the thesis/project committee identified and advancement to candidacy approved (i.e. portfolio approved by your thesis/project committee) before enrolling in EDUC 572 . (See the MA Graduate Student Handbook for a discussion of the thesis, cognate, and individualized examination pathway options for completing your program)

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