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2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog 
2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog

Liberal Studies (Hutchins) BA

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Options for the bachelor’s degree include:

Track I, the General Liberal Studies Major plan;

Track II, the Subject Matter Preparation (pre-credential) plan; and

Track III, the Blended Program/BA plus Multiple Subject Credential.

The general core pattern for the major in all three tracks is outlined in the table below. During their first semester in the upper division, all new transfer students are required to take LIBS 302. In this course, students work on the skills required in the major, develop their own learning plans, and begin the portfolio, a document the student expands throughout the upper-division culminating in LIBS 402 - Senior Synthesis. LIBS 302 is a prerequisite for all upper-division Hutchins core seminar courses. Students continuing from the Hutchins lower-division General Education Program are exempt from LIBS 302 if they earn a grade of C- or CR in LIBS 202. A grade of C- or higher in LIBS 302 is required in order to continue in the Hutchins program. Grade of C- or better required for all other major courses.

Program Learning Outcomes

1) Interdisciplinarity: Identify and Draw on Multiple Disciplines

Analysis of multiple disciplines is purposeful, nuanced, and respectful. Integrates different disciplinary and epistemological ways of knowing.

2) Seminar Skills: Participation and Facilitation

Provides substantial evidence of participation or facilitation within seminars. Provided evidence shows consistent participation within seminars and expertise with facilitating discussion with multiple peers.

3) Equity and Social Justice: Understanding of Systemic Inequality

Integrates numerous perspectives on systemic inequality both in the United States and worldwide. Discusses solutions to address equity and social justice and makes the connections to broader concepts, processes, and theories.

4) Critical Thinking, Metacognition, and Analysis: Addressing Multiple Viewpoints

Addresses and analyzes multiple conflicting ideas. Analysis of conflicting viewpoints is thoughtful, accurate, and precise. Acknowledges and reflects on the different knowledge systems and epistemologies in society.

Degree Requirements

See the “Degree Requirements ” in the University Catalog for complete details on general degree requirements.

General Education Requirements (48 units)

See the “General Education ” requirements in the University Catalog for information on General Education requirements. Some major requirements may double count for GE requirements.

Upper Division Major Core Requirements

* requirement met for LIBS Lower Division General Education Program students who complete LIBS 202 with a grade of C- or CR.

One course each in 4 Core Seminar Areas:

Building on the foundations laid in the key courses, the student chooses at least one seminar from each of the following four core areas:

Core A Society and Self

Core B The Individual and the Material World

Core C The Arts and Human Experience

Core D Consciousness and Reality

The core seminars are a key element of the curriculum in the Hutchins Major. Core areas are designed to ensure that the intensive learning experience provided in the small seminar format is spread across the disciplinary spectrum, although all core courses offer an interdisciplinary perspective on a particular theme.

Capstone Course:

(Must obtain department consent for LIBS 403 option)


Track I: Interdisciplinary Studies

Students who would prefer a broad interdisciplinary major as a foundation for their career choice (e.g. the arts, the law, public service, etc.), or who are motivated by intellectual curiosity and wish to pursue an individualized study plan, often choose interdisciplinary studies. Flexible Track I major requirements may be tailored to fit individual goals. Track I may include the following:

  • Up to 9 upper division units from other majors or minors organized into an area of emphasis which reflects career plans and/or intellectual interests
  • 12 units from CSU approved study abroad programs as part of the emphasis in the Hutchins major
  • 3-5 units of internship experience to help students relate their education pathway to specific career choices
  • The ability to choose from a wide variety of LIBS courses which include elective seminars, independent and directed studies, internships, and field study opportunities.

Track 1 Additional Major Requirements

LIBS/MBA Advising Pathway

The flexibility of the Track I program in liberal studies lends itself to a broad variety learning experiences and careers. For example, by completing a minor in Business Administration, a Track I liberal studies major may complete the requirements to enter a Master of Business Administration program upon graduation.

Track II: Multiple Subject Preparation Program (Pre-credential elementary teaching)

The Hutchins School offers a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved subject matter preparation program for students intending to enter a California elementary teaching credential program for either Multiple Subjects or Education Specialist, after completion of the BA. The BA pre-credential option ensures:

  • Interdisciplinary subject matter proficiency
  • Possession of the high-level analytic, synthetic, creative, and expressive academic skills required of future educators
  • Carefully planned coursework to meet state-mandated content standards for prospective elementary teachers
  • Excellent content preparation for the CSET: Multiple Subjects exam as well as for as admission to a professional teacher training program

Students may join Track II as first year students in the Hutchins major, or transfer in. Track II students complete specified courses in the sciences, visual art history, performing arts, and kinesiology per CCTC criteria. Track II also includes a 12 unit pathway in an area of concentration content area for teacher preparation such as Human Development, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Language & Literature, History & Social Science, or Visual & Performing Arts. Track II students interested in adding Bilingual Authorization (Spanish) to their credential may prepare by electing either the Added Bilingual (Spanish) Authorization Pathway or Spanish Bilingual Authorization Prepartion Pathway. The area of concentration pathway may include General Education courses, elective courses, and Hutchins major requirements. A minor in another department may waive the area of concentration. See forms section of Hutchins website for details.

Track II Additional Major Requirements:

Choose one of the following:

Choose one of the following:

Track III: Blended Program (accelerated plan BA Plus Multiple Subject Credential)

The Blended Program incorporates the lower-division Hutchins General Education program or Associates Degree for Transfer (AAT) in Elementary Teacher Education, and the basic course work for Track II with courses from the School of Education beginning in the junior year. Blended students complete a BA in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in a 135 unit plan.Students in Blended commit to a unit intensive, course prescriptive, accelerated plan. There are two pathways available in the Blended Program. First semester Hutchins freshman are eligible for Blended Track III four year plan. See sample four year plan for Bachelor Arts in Liberal Studies with teaching credential. Upper division California Community College transfer students with complete Associate Degree for Transfer (AAT) in Elementary Teacher Education may enter Blended at the junior level and complete a 2 1/2  year (5 semester) plan.See sample 2 1/2 year plan for Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with teaching credential, Track III with AAT in Elementary Teacher Education. Visit https://adegreewithaguarantee.com/en-us/ for more information about the Associate Degree for Transfer.

Blended Track III students are held to the same credential program requirements as traditional credential candidates. These include maintaining a 3.00 GPA, passing CBEST spring of freshman year for first year pathway or fall of junior year for upper division AAT Elementary Teacher Education pathway, and passing CSET: Multiple Subjects or obtaining a CSET waiver spring of junior year before student teaching senior year. Students in good standing with Hutchins who do not continue in Blended have the option to enroll in our Track II: Pre-Credential Elementary Teaching Preparation pathway. Track II students may start a credential program after completion of the Bachelor’s Degree. For Multiple Subjects credential requirements, please refer to School of Education catalog information.


Total units Hutchins Core: 22

Major Requirements Track l Interdisciplinary Studies: 18

Total units in Major Track l Interdisciplinary Studies: 40

Major Requirements Track ll Multiple Subject Preparation (Pre-Credential): 21

Total units in Major Track ll Multiple Subject Teacher Preparation (Pre-Credential): 43

Major Requirements Track lll Blended Multiple Subject Teacher Preparation + Credential: 20

Total units in Major Track lll Blended Multiple Subject Teacher Preparation + Credential: 42

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