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2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog 
2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog

Global Studies, BA

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The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for international or intercultural service through the study of global social issues from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective. GLBL majors study world history, political and economic systems, world geography, environmental issues, and a modern language. The major is designed to increase awareness and understanding of global social challenges, while developing the skills needed to work effectively in a global or multicultural context.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate awareness of diverse social, economic, political, cultural, environmental and demographic conditions found around the world
  • Demonstrate understanding of the global political, economic and social system, and how world regions contribute to that system
  • Develop an awareness of human aspirations across the globe and conditions inhibiting them
  • Understand the complex nature of contemporary social issues (for example poverty, health and education, immigration and refugees, political nationalism, environmental justice, human rights, etc), and different theoretical or ideological approaches to addressing them
  • Acquire the communication skills needed to work effectively in a global or multicultural context
  • Engage as active citizens in your community, country, global society

Core Courses (34-40 units)

Language Skill Requirement

(1 course or verified proficiency:)

Intermediate level proficiency in a modern language other than English is required, which is typically met by completing a fourth semester standard language course with a grade of C or better. With department approval, the requirement may be waived if proficiency in a language has been met through prior language study, study abroad, or test credit.

World Regions Overview

Professional Development

Capstone (13 units)

Cross Cultural Experience

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