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2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog 
2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog

Music, Jazz Studies Concentration, BM

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Requirements for the Concentration

The BM Jazz Studies degree program is designed to furnish the training and background needed for students seeking to work as jazz performers, arrangers, composers, or teachers.

Private Instruction, Juries and Ensemble Requirement

Students in the BM Jazz Studies degree program are required to enroll in private instruction on their major instrument or voice every semester in residence. Students must pass a juried performance at the end of each semester with a minimum score of 75%. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of one (1) semester of the appropriate jazz ensemble, each semester in residence. Students must enroll in at least one semester of MUS 490 Jazz Orchestra. In addition, instrumentalists must take one (1) semester of a vocal ensemble; and vocalists must take a minimum of one (1) semester of an instrumental ensemble.

Capstone Experience

Students enrolled in the BM Jazz Studies degree programs must complete a Junior Recital (MUS 397, 1 unit) and a Senior Project (MUS 490, 2 units). The Junior Recital comprises approximately 30 minutes of music. The Senior Project is a recital performance unless otherwise determined by the Director of Jazz Studies. Information about Recitals is located under the “Current Students” tab on the Department website.

Concentration Preparatory Coursework

(credit not applicable toward major; students may challenge by exam):

History/Literature: 15 units

Core Applied Music Studies: units

Additional Applied Music Studies: 2 units

Jazz Studies Major Ensembles: 8 units

Specific ensemble requirements for students in the B.M. in Jazz Studies concentration:

Additional Performance Ensembles: 2 units

1 Choral Ensemble and 1 Instrumental Ensemble

Instrumental Ensembles

In addition to the required jazz ensembles, students in the jazz studies concentration must participate at least one semester one of these classical instrumental ensembles:

Choral Ensembles

Choose one of these choral ensembles:

Music Electives: 1 units

Jazz Forum: 8 Units

Total Concentration Units: 74

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