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2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog 
2024-2025, 2nd ed. General Catalog

Music, Composition Concentration, BM

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The Bachelor of Music Composition degree program is intended for music majors whose primary focus is creating original music. In conjunction with core music courses in theory, musicianship, history, literature, applied skills, ensembles, and instrumental/vocal private instruction and related repertory classes, student composers will study privately with composition faculty and undertake additional coursework related specifically to music creation including music technology courses. Upon graduation, the successful Composition graduate will have produced a unique and diverse portfolio of works for various instrumental, vocal, and electronic media. The degree prepares students for a career involving music creation and/or graduate work in composition.

Private Instruction, Repertory Class, Juries and Ensemble Requirements

Students in the Composition degree program are required to enroll in private instruction on their major instrument or voice for six (6) semesters, and in composition for six (6) semesters. Students must pass a juried performance demonstration at the end of each semester with a minimum score of 75%.

Students in the program must take six (s) semesters of a Repertory Class (Vocal, Instrumental, Jazz) in conjunction with their private lessons. In addition, Composition majors must take at least one (1) semester of MUS 425 Composers Forum.

Students must pass a juried performance demonstration(s) each semester they take private instruction and/or composition lessons, with a minimum score of 75%. Refer to the “Juries” clause for more specific information related to instrument and vocal juries. For the composition jury, students are required to submit notated scores of any compositions finished during the semester under the guidance of their instructor in PDF format.  Each score should be accompanied by a written description of the composition highlighting both the inspiration and construction of the piece. While not required, students are also encouraged to submit a midi mock-up of their composition(s) as well.

Students in the program are required to enroll in a minimum of one (1) major ensemble on their major instrument/voice every semester in residence for a total of eight (8) semesters. For more specific requirements regarding ensembles, refer to the “Ensemble Requirement” clause.

Capstone Experience

Students enrolled in the Composition degree program must complete MUS 490 Senior Project (2 units). The senior project is determined in consultation with the Composition Program Director.

Concentration Requirements

Theory and Musicianship: (2 units)

History and Literature: (6 units)

Applied Skills: (2 units)

Applied Music Studies: (6 units)

Music Electives: (6 units)

Additional Repertory or Forum: (2 units)

Total Concentration Units: 34

Total Units: 126-131

Total Units in Major Core: 47-52

Total Units in Concentration: 34

Total Units in GE: 48

Total Units Required for Graduation: 129

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