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2019-2020 General Catalog 
2019-2020 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Liberal Studies (Ukiah, Napa, Solano) B.A.

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Requirements for the Major

(all upper-division)

Arts & Humanities: Choose from courses in AMCS, theater arts, art history, English, philosophy, NAMS, CALS

Behavioral / Social sciences: choose from courses in economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, women’s and gender studies, history, criminology and criminal justice

Natural / Physical sciences: Choose from courses in astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental studies, geology, physics

Electives: choose from courses in the above disciplines, or others (e.g., Education) in consultation with an advisor. Special Studies (SSCI 495) and a maximum of 6 units of internship (SSCI 499) may be applied toward elective units in the major.

*Includes 9-unit upper-division GE requirement.
*Transferable courses from 2 year institutions may not be used to meet any requirements in the major.
*A minimum grade of C- is required in each course applied to the major.

Core Courses (required of all majors)


Total units in the major: 50

Liberal Studies Ukiah Admission Criteria

Courses are offered in Ukiah for resident credit to students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must be residents of Mendocino County or Lake County.
  2. Students must have completed 60 or more transferable units. (Sonoma State University accepts up to 70 transferable college semester units of course credit.)
  3. Students must have completed all 9 units required in General Education, Category A – Communication, Critical Thinking, and Freshman Composition.
  4. Students must have completed both the science laboratory requirement and the mathematics requirement in General Education, Category B – Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
  5. Students must have been admitted to Sonoma State University and declared a major in Liberal Studies Ukiah.

Liberal Studies Napa & Solano Admissions

Information sessions are held locally every semester. See the Information Sessions link on the SEIE website at web.sonoma.edu/exed/. Applications are accepted for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Pre-admissions advising is available at your community college or through the Program Advisor.

Application to the Program

Applications for the Liberal Studies-Ukiah Program are accepted for both Fall and Spring semesters from applicants who meet Sonoma State University application deadlines and the admissions requirements for the program. Please see the Sonoma State University application deadline page (http:// admissions.sonoma.edu/how-apply/application-deadlines) for more information and specific application deadlines.

Students must apply for the Liberal Studies-Ukiah Program online via Cal State Apply (https://www2.calstate.edu/apply). When filling out the application, applicants must select “Liberal Studies (Ukiah)” as their major; do not select “Liberal Studies (Hutchins)”.

Applicants are encouraged to plan ahead and meet the application deadline, as late applications are not accepted, except in extreme cases. If you miss the application deadline for your chosen semester of admission, you must submit a Late Application Appeal Request (http://admissions.sonoma.edu/ how-apply/application-deadlines#appeals).

If you have questions about the application process, please locate the appropriate transfer admissions staff member on the SSU Admissions Staff Directory page (http:// admissions.sonoma.edu/contact/staff). Scroll down to the Transfer Student Applicants Admissions Team section and locate the appropriate staff member based on your last name.

Sample Four-Year Program

Liberal Studies Ukiah, B.A.

This plan assumes the student:

1. Has completed 70 transferable units, including all lower-division GE courses; and
2. Is attending full time.

Since fields, rather than courses (except SSCI 300 & SSCI 400), are required for the major, the plan shows the way that the student would complete course work in each of the required fields, as well as the elective units within the major.

Junior Year: 25 Units

Fall Semester (12 Units)

  • Natural Science (3)
  • Behavioral Science (3)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Major Elective (3)
Spring Semester (13 Units)

  • Natural Science (3)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Behavioral Science (3)
  • Major Elective (4)

Senior Year: 25 Units

Fall Semester (13 Units)

  • Behavioral Science (3)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Behavioral Science (3)
Spring Semester (12 Units)

  • Behaviorial Science (3)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Humanities (3)

Total Units: 120

* Major coursework must include at least 9 units of upper division GE courses, taken from at least two different GE areas.


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