Oct 25, 2021  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chicano and Latino Studies, Teacher Preparation Track, Multiple Subjects Program, B.A.

Students interested in preparing for the teaching profession while completing a major in Chicano and Latino Studies are encouraged to enroll in the Pre-Teaching Credential Preparation Track (Multiple Subject). It is designed to help students qualify for entry into the Multiple-Subject (Elementary) Teaching Credential program, and to pass the CBEST. This program is suited for all students. Please refer to the Education section of the catalog for more information on the multiple subjects teaching credential program.

  Degree Requirements Units  
  General education (50, 6-18 units in major) 48  
  Major Core requirements 48  
  Minor, Concentration or Elective Units 24  
  Total units needed for graduation 120  

Multiple Subjects Concentration

*If taken prior to discontinuance, EDMS 420 may apply to the Concentration in Lieu of one required course in this area.

*CALS 458  may be substituted with AMCS 480  
**CALS 456  may be substituted with AMCS 445  

Total Units: 16

Credential Prerequisites

Grade of C or higher is required in each class

*If taken prior to discontinuance, EDMS 470 may be applied in Lieu of EDMS 419  through Fall 2022

Total units: 6

Multiple Subject Pathway Courses Units

Total Units: 16


Total Units in Major Core: 19-20

Total Units in Concentration: 28

Capstone Project

All CALS majors must complete a capstone project/paper during their senior year in one of the following classes:

Sample Four-Year Plan

* Suggested classes to fulfill General Education rquirements.

** AMCS 480  can replace CALS 458  

Bachelor of Arts in Chicano and Latino Studies, Teacher Preparation Track, Multiple Subjects Program

Freshman Year: 30-32 Units

Spring Semester (15-16 Units)

Sophomore Year: 31-32 Units

Junior Year: 30 Units

Senior Year: 30 Units

Total Units: 120-123