Oct 21, 2021  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women’s and Gender Studies, B.A.

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A major in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) enables students to explore the social, political, and cultural dimensions of gender and inequity. WGS is the study of how gender structures everything from our innermost sense of self to transnational circuits of society and economy. WGS uses an intersectional perspective, which means that we understand gender to be co-constituted with race, ethnicity, sexuality, nation, ability, and other forms of social power. We use an interdisciplinary approach that examines social structures, institutions, and ideologies of gender through social, historical, political, legal, and cultural lenses.

Emphasizing the connections between theory and practice, Women’s and Gender Studies encourages applied learning through internships, service learning, cultural production, and research.  The WGS Department’s general education courses and lecture series produce campus-wide transformative consciousness, while our major courses further depth and engagement. WGS classes are places where students can strengthen critical awareness and build community.

A major in WGS empowers students to understand and engage in building a more equitable world. An intersectional feminist analysis facilitates critical exploration of power, difference, and the production of knowledge. It also compels us to envision more just alternatives and commit to transformative action.


WGS students will choose to specialize in one of the following two pathways: 1) Community/Clinical or, 2) Cultural/Critical

1) Community/Clinical: Students interested in community organizing, social work, health care, education, and/or counseling will consider this pathway. Courses emphasize community and identity development, social transformation and justice movements, institutions and organizations, bodies and health, and service learning.


2) Cultural/Critical: Students interested in the arts and art activism, cultural work and activism, education, and/or advanced degrees in humanities, critical social sciences, or law will consider this pathway. Courses emphasize critical theories, pedagogies, ideologies and structures, and cultural production, representation, and activism.

The listed courses are eligible toward each pathway. Students are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisor and the department chair to request approval for unlisted courses to count towards their pathway. Many courses without WGS course designation have home department prerequisites and restrictions. WGS majors seeking to register in such courses must meet these requirements. If WGS majors wish to fulfill their pathway largely with another department’s courses, they are encouraged to double major or minor.


Additional WGS courses or recognized courses in other departments.


Total Core Units: 27

Total pathway units: 12

Total Elective(s) Units: 4

Total units necessary for major: 43

Sample Four-Year Plan

Women’s and Gender Studies, B.A., Community/Clinical Pathway

Plan to complete the major (43 units) and graduate (120 units) in eight semesters starting in the first year. This major is organized to facilitate a double major or minor in some other disciplines. Hence up to 16 units of the major can potentially be counted toward the double major (e.g., all the career/affinity pathway and possibly the elective requirement can be counted for both majors).

Freshman Year: 30-32 Units

Fall Semester (15-16 Units)

Spring Semester (15-16 Units)

Sophomore Year: 31-32 Units

Fall Semester (16 Units)

Spring Semester (15-16 Units)

Junior Year: 31 Units

Fall Semester (15 Units)

Spring Semester (16 Units)

Senior Year: 26-28 Units

Fall Semester (13-14 Units)

Spring Semester (13 -14Units)

Total Units: 120

Sample Four-Year Plan

Women’s and Gender Studies, B.A., (Transfer Students and Upperclassman Entry to Program)

Plan for transfer students and those who declare a major in women’s and gender studies at the start of their junior year. (This plan assumes the student has completed 62 units toward graduation and all lower-division GE.) This plan is organized to facilitate a minor in another discipline.

Junior Year: 30 Units

Fall Semester (14 Units)

  • WGS 350
  • WGS Elective
  • Gender Course in Concentration
  • Course in Concentration
Spring Semester (16 Units)

Senior Year: 30-32 Units

Fall Semester (16 Units)

Spring Semester (15 Units)

Total Units: 120

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