Sep 26, 2021  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Single Subject (Secondary Schools) Teaching Credential

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The Single Subject credential authorizes the holder to teach a specific subject in a school organized by academic disciplines, kindergarten through grade 12. Since most elementary schools are not departmentalized, this credential, in general, is appropriate for the middle/junior high school and high school (art, music, and physical education candidates may teach K-12). The program aims toward two primary goals: (1) to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective beginning teacher, and (2) to establish the professional understandings and attitudes for growth and development throughout a teaching career.

Coursework combined with the field experience in the program will prepare candidates to be:

• Competent in basic classroom skills.

• Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about students, learning, and teaching.

• Respectful of and knowledgeable about cultural, linguistic, and learning diversity, and informed about practices for teaching all students.

• Continue their development as professional educators. After completion of the Single Subject Credential Program, candidates will be recommended for the Preliminary California Single Subject Teaching Credential in a subject area. Successful completion of the program prepares candidates to teach in California’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms.

Students may satisfy subject matter requirements by passing the appropriate state approved examinations (CSET), OR by completing California approved Subject Matter program.

The Single Subject Credential Program is a two-semester program that begins in the fall semester only. Credentials are offered in the following areas:

Art English
Mathematics Music
Physical Education Science
Social Science World Language

The Single Subject Credential Program

Students admitted for the fall semester, who successfully complete all coursework and their final student teaching, will be eligible for the credential in June. Students who wish to take longer than two semesters to complete the credential program may extend their program to four semesters. More information regarding the extended program may be obtained from the Single Subject program advisor at (707) 664-3176.

Single Subject program courses required for each phase are listed below. Prerequisite courses and all Phase I courses must be satisfactorily completed prior to beginning Phase II.


Program Requirements


Total Prerequisite courses: 6 Total units Phase: I 17 Total units Phase: II 19 Total units for program (including Prerequisites): 42  

Teaching Performance Assessment

A teaching performance assessment (TPA) is required for all those seeking a single subject teaching credential in California. EdTPA is the teaching performance assessment used by the SSU Single Subject Program. This assessment is comprised of a teaching event that is an extended documentation of a segment of student teaching. It is the capstone performance assessment that integrates learning throughout the teacher education program. It includes samples of teaching that are videotaped and analyzed by the student. It is structured in sections corresponding to developing a context for learners, planning, teaching, assessing, academic language, and reflecting on teaching. A subject matter expert scores the teaching event. The teaching event takes place in Phase II (student teaching) of the program. All students must pass the EdTPA to receive a teaching credential.

Single Subject Intern Program

Verification of employment. To be Awarded a Teaching Credential, all Interns Must: Pass the EdTPA to receive a teaching credential. Successfully complete the Single Subject Intern Program.  

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