Sep 26, 2021  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts with Concentration in Theatre Studies, B.A.

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`The Theatre Studies concentration in the Theatre Arts & Dance program provides equal parts professional theatre training and liberal arts education. Students prepare to pursue theatre careers in directing, playwriting, criticism, teaching, scholarship, arts management,
dramaturgy, and other careers that may not have performance or theatre technology at their centers. Regardless of eventual profession, the concentration provides the intellectual rigor and imaginative excitement necessary to any liberal arts degree. Students learn to make theatre as a fundamentally collaborative story told among artists and community. We believe that this kind of training prepares the student to become the ideal global good citizen, engaged with theatre as a means of ritual and democratic conversation focused on full inclusion of all cultures and identities.

  Degree Requirements Units  
  General Education (50, 12 units in major) 38  
  Theatre Arts Requirements 52  
  Electives 30  
  Total units needed for graduation 120  

THAR 160 Theatre, Dance, the Artistic Process, and You is one strongly recommended First-year Learning Community (FLC) through which Theatre Arts & Dance majors receive 8 units in the General Education (GE) requirements. GE areas covered are A3 (Critical Thinking) and C3 (Comparative Perspectives).

Phase I, Required (freshman and sophomore years)

Students must complete Phase I before Phase II.

Any one of the following three technical theatre classes: 2 Units

* Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment in THAR 143A .

Phase II, Required Theatre Arts Electives (junior and senior years)

At least 17 total credits from the following electives, which may include one of the Mini-Blocks listed below. Students may also propose other mini blocks that reflect their own goals.

Production Mini-Block: 7 Units

(for students interested in directing, playwriting, dramaturgy, arts management, and scholarship)

Teaching Mini-Block: 7 Units

(for students interested in primary education, secondary education, and scholarship)


Total units in Phase I: 18

Sample Four-Year Program

Theatre Arts, B.A., Concentration in Theatre Studies

Freshman Year: 31 Units

Spring Semester (16 Units)

Sophomore Year: 31 Units

Junior Year: 29 Units

Spring Semester (14 Units)

Senior Year: 29 Units

Fall Semester (15 Units)

Spring Semester (14 Units)

Total Units: 120

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