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2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kinesiology, B.S.

All majors in the Kinesiology  must complete the support courses and the major core courses. Each major selects a concentration in which to complete the major.

  Degree Requirements Units  
  General education (48, 7 units in major) 41  
  Major requirements 46-53  
  Support courses 8  
  General electives 18-25  
  Total Units needed for graduation 120  

All courses fulfilling either major or minor requirements in kinesiology must be graded A-F, except for courses not available in the A-F mode or courses that are challenged.

Support Courses for the Bachelor of Science

These courses may be taken at a community college, and some may be used to fulfill general education requirements. Some of these courses are prerequisites to courses in the major. The SSU equivalent is listed below.

Major Concentrations

Several options are available to a student advancing toward a specific goal in the degree program. A student may select a pattern of courses in any one of the following concentrations.

Choose one of the required concentrations below to complete the major:

  I.   Exercise Science Concentration 26  
  II.  Lifetime Physical Activity Concentration 23-28  
  III. Interdisciplinary Concentration 25-28  
  Total units in a concentration 22-28  
  Total units in major 46-53  


Total supporting units: 17

Total units in the major core: 29

Total units in a concentration 23-30

Total units in the major 52-59