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2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film Studies, M.A.

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Admission to Film Studies, M.A. has been suspended as of Fall 2020.  For continuing students, please see the following description.

The Master of Arts in Film Studies program is a unique interdisciplinary degree designed to develop students’ knowledge of film as an aesthetic medium and as an agent of social change. The program is dedicated to enhancing student understanding of film as a mode of communication and as a distinct art form as well as developing skills in using film and digital media as tools for advocacy.

This interdisciplinary program is a partnership between the School of Arts and Humanities, and the School of Extended and International Education (SEIE.) As a self-supported program, unique separate fees are charged on a per-unit basis for all courses required for this program. These fees are set annually by the SSU President. Information about fees, admission requirements, and student support services are available through SEIE. Academic criteria for the program are determined in accordance with all applicable SSU and CSU policies. Degrees are awarded by the School of Arts and Humanities.

Additional Master’s Learning Objectives and Career Skills

Students completing the MA in Film Studies will have skills in

  • Integrating knowledge from multiple interrelated fields to develop interdisciplinary projects
  • Collaborating with filmmakers on larger projects including documentary features
  • Formulating new areas of media research and designing independent media projects

They will be

  • Engaged media professionals committed to enacting and documenting social change
  • Prepared to be independent film and media scholars and practitioners
  • Educated to be leaders in their professions

Requirements for Admission

  1. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university;
  2. A minimum of 3.00 GPA for the last 60 Units of academic work. Students with a lower GPA may be considered on a space-available basis;
  3. Two letters of recommendation, completion of program application;
  4. A brief narrative describing past and present experience with film and film studies, including any film-related coursework or creative projects completed.

For more information, please refer to Graduate Degrees  in the Degree Requirements section of this catalog.

Requirements for the M.A.

  1. Advancement to candidacy form (GSO1) fully signed and submitted to the Graduate Studies office;
  2. Grade point average of 3.00 or better for all work attempted in graduate status and in all work approved as a part of the specific pattern of study. With the approval of the faculty coordinator, a maximum of 9 units of upper-divison or graduate-level academic coursework at an accredited institution may be included as a part of the student’s specific pattern of study. All courses are to be taken for a letter grade;
  3. Passage of the Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT) or equivalent demonstration of writing competency;
  4. Completion of Requirements form (GSO2) must be fully signed and submitted to the Graduate Studies Office;
  5. All requirements for the M.A. degree in Film Studies, including written proficiency, and conditional requirements stipulated at the time of admission and candidacy, must be satisfactorily completed within seven years from the time the student completes the first course in the program; and
  6. With the approval of the Faculty Advisor, the satisfactory completion of one of the following two options:

Master’s Thesis Option

Graduate Courses (500 level)

Note: up to 10 units of appropriate 300-400 level coursework may be substituted for FILM 503  classes upon approval of the faculty advisor.


Total Units required for MA Master’s Thesis Option: 30

Total Units required for the MA Creative Project Option: 30

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