Dec 04, 2021  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, B.A.

  Degree Requirements Units  
  General education 48  
  Major requirements, core (24 units) and concentration (24 units) 48  
  General electives 24  
  Total units needed for graduation 120  

Major Core Requirements for All English Majors

(Except secondary teaching concentration students; please see English Education Concentration (Secondary Teaching Prep), B.A.  )

An Introductory Course

Complete the following course:

Two Surveys of Literature

Complete both of the following courses:

A Shakespeare Course

Complete one of the following courses:

A Survey of Literature in a Distinct Ethnic/Cultural Tradition

Complete the following course:


Total units in the major core: 24


Note: English majors must choose one of three concentrations:

Literature Concentration  

Creative Writing Concentration  

English Education Concentration (Secondary Teaching Prep), B.A. 

Advising Clarifications for all Concentrations

  1. At least 24 units of the courses listed above must be upper-division.
  2. There are several ways in which major coursework may include GE units from areas A, C, or D. Students should consult with faculty about the relationship between their GE and Major coursework.
  3. The 48 units listed above will be used in computing the major GPA in accordance with University policy; no courses taken Cr/NC may be counted toward the major unless they are offered with that option only.
  4. Additional units in English, beyond the 48 units listed above, will be counted as general college electives and should not be listed on the Major/Minor Requirements form.

In accordance with University policy, courses in Independent Study (ENGL 495 , ENGL 595 ) shall not duplicate regularly offered courses listed in our catalog.