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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exercise Science Concentration

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Students who have an interest in biomechanics or pre-physical therapy may select this concentration. It contains lower-division and upper-division courses beyond the core required of all majors and a set of courses specific to the subspecialty within the concentration.

* Students planning to enter a master’s degree or doctoral program in physical therapy may need to take additional units or courses to satisfy admission requirements to the programs. Check with the academic schools to which you plan to apply for specific requirements.

KIN Major Core Courses

The kinesiology core courses provide students with a broad foundation that explores the social, developmental, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, historical, and philosophical aspects of human movement.


Total in the Exercise Science Concentration: 27-29

Total units in the major: 48-51

Sample Four-Year Program

Kinesiology, B.S., Exercise Science Concentration

Roadmap Notes (for all Kinesiology concentrations)

The Four Year Plan is a sample study plan. The sequence and specific courses given are suggestive. Please see an advisor each semester to plan your academic program and track your progress using the Academic Requirements Report (ARR) in MYSSU.

Courses may be interchanged fall and spring semester depending on course offering each semester.

Transfer Students: To be eligible to transfer into kinesiology, complete BIOL 220 (Human Anatomy) or BIOL 224 (Human Physiology) and have the other course in progress at the time of application. We also recommend using to find and complete a course that articulates with KIN 201, Foundations of Kinesiology.

Lower-Division Preparation

Freshman Year: 28-29 Units

Fall Semester (14 Units)

Spring Semester (14-15 Units)

Sophomore Year: 33 Units

Fall Semester (17 Units)

Spring Semester (16 Units)

Upper-Division Specialization

Junior Year: 31-33 Units

Spring Semester (15 Units)

Senior Year: 28-31 Units

Fall Semester (14 Units)

Spring Semester (14-15 Units)

Total Units: 120-126

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