Mar 25, 2023  
2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Service Credentials

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The Administrative Services Credential program was designed collaboratively with school districts to prepare graduates for positions of leadership in P-12 educational settings. The Credential authorizes the holder to serve as a vice principal, principal, coordinator, program director, superintendent, or in other district or county level positions. The Intern Credential authorizes individuals to serve in administrative positions while completing the approved Preliminary program of study. Areas of competence addressed in each program are developmental and expand upon prior learning and experiences included in each level of preparation. Throughout all programs, participants progress from concrete applications of what is being studied to more advanced applications of theory into practice that call for the critique and redefinition of one’s knowledge base. Likewise, throughout the programs, multiple learning opportunities including field experiences are provided that emphasize the acquisition of personal awareness and personal reflection about leadership.

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program focuses on entry-level skills for effective administration with particular emphasis on the responsibilities of school site administrators. The program is 30 semester units and can be completed in one year of intensive study. The classes are offered on a cohort basis in a face-to-face, hybrid, online model.

Requirements for Admission for Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

  1. General admission requirements for advanced credential programs (application, transcripts, etc.)
  2. Verify five years of appropriate full-time experience on school or district letterhead (noting inclusive dates, level, and responsibilities) authorized by a teaching or services credential;
  3. Secure favorable recommendations from two school administrators or other school leaders indicating possession of administrative and leadership potential;
  4. Submit a Personal Statement of Interest (see application for criteria);
  5. Submit evidence of successful passage of CBEST before or within the first semester of program course work;
  6. Attend a program admissions interview and/or submit an application, including a statement of professional goals; and
  7. Two copies of valid clear teaching or service credential.

Internship Program In Educational Administration

Candidates to be employed immediately may enter the program as an administrative intern at any point in the calendar year as long as there is a supporting educational agency request. Candidates enrolled as interns complete the same coursework as Preliminary Administrative Services Credential candidates; however, the fieldwork is modified to suit the needs of an intern.

PASC I/Intern Program Course of Study

The program is usually completed in two semesters; however, candidates can extend the time needed for program completion by meeting with an advisor and customizing the program to meet individual needs. Typically candidates who do not have an M.A. go on to complete the M.A. in education with emphasis in education leadership.


Total units for Preliminary/Intern programs: 30

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